Students attending or graduated from the New Horizon Institute (NHI) can work or intern at Faith Media One (FM1). All monies raised from FM1 will go to administration and production costs for FM1 and providing instructors, staff, personnel, academic support, career and personal development, scholarships, grants, and tuition support for students with special needs attending New Horizons Institution, our parent organization.

Faith Media One is a web-based Christain media network airing original and prerecorded content via the Internet for young adults and the young at heart for Christ and God the Creator.

We are individuals brought together to use our gifts and talents by God’s grace, mercy, and patience to spread His word, the message of His son Jesus Christ and to welcome you. We use praise, musical worship, uplifting messages, and other creative expressions through today’s media and technology. We are dedicated to this purpose: To tell you that God is still here, regardless of your circumstances or what you see in the media and on the Internet! Whether or not you believe in Him! He is here for you!

Come visit us at FM1 (Faith Media One)!