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NHI-LA will have a Summer Bridge Program (SBP) to facilitate the smooth transition for accepted students. The plan is to house the SBP on the campus of NHI-LA. This section describes some of the essential concepts that may be a part of SBP and briefly discuss some potential areas of the program.

NHI’s goal is to have the Summer Bridge Training (SBP) Program housed on the campus of NHI. The proposed length of time to complete SBP is currently six weeks. The program will prepare them for the unique institution of NHI’s higher learning and assess their resource, social and academic needs.

During the SBP students and parents will be introduced to the Career and Personal Development Program (CPDP) and the NHI-LA campus while attending an orientation that includes a complete overview of the Summer Bridge Program and the surrounding community.

Each student will be accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s) to meet with college staff, thoroughly go over each student’s transition IEP, and discuss any other issues or concerns.

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