All Stakeholders are Important

To support the learners’ rights to receive equity, access, and inclusion during instruction and throughout the Summer Bridge Program (SBP), learners will obtain them within the learning environment. SBP will employ a mixed-gender and nationality group of multilingual instructors similar to the mixture of student populations’ ethnic diversity. Instructors are of different ages, have various life experiences, and are trained in the latest teaching methods and special needs diagnoses. The learning environment’s construction will be created from all stakeholders’ collaboration and focus on human-centered design, including providing hallways and doorways capable of free mobility to all stakeholders and elevators, ramps, appropriate signage, and redundant, both visual and aural cues. Developing classrooms, offices, lounge areas, conference rooms, and others can be suitable for all stakeholders regardless of race, gender, creed, sexual orientation, or diagnosis—the design of all environments to be fluid to accommodate different learning and teaching styles.

The human-centered environment will be a physical synchronous learning environment with an asynchronous component. The asynchronous portion will address learners that can not attend any stage of SBP. Learners can view the recording or read the transcripts with the recording on the SBP website. Because of this learner population’s resource needs, SBP will be a closed learning environment to protect the assessments, evaluations, IEP information, and other privacy issues.

SBP and NHI will ensure all learners have proper access to the technology and can understand the hybrid learning environment. SBP staff will train all stakeholders on the use of all technology and software.