This fund is for the NHI Career and Personal Development program (CPDP). This includes the purchase of special transportation vehicles. Some of the areas included:

  • Career Development:
    • Hands on Training
      • “Day in the Life of…”
    • On Job Training
    • Internships
    • Business Communication skills
      • Basic Business relationships
        • Social aspect of business
  • Personal Development:
    • Life Skills. Some of the areas to cover:
      • Handling money for banking, shopping, paying bills, transportation, social events, security, etc
      • Social dating, communication skills, etc
      • Grooming, including personal hygiene (males and females)
      • Self-defense
      • Cooking
      • Confidence building
      • Respect for others and self
    • Communication through the arts. Some of the areas to cover:
    • Expressing ones self through the music, dance, painting, computer design, etc
    • Voicing our opinion in a respectful way through the arts
Fundraising Goal ($): 3,000,000.00

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