NHI is proud to say that every dollar donated is invested into NHI so that students attending will receive what they need to become self-advocating, socially enabled, technologically proficient, and economically skilled contributors to the global community of today and tomorrow.

We need your donations for three critical structure phases:
We are in phase one.
All monetary donations
go to the following:
  • Creating the business plan and academic structure
  • Local, State, and Federal government fees and licenses
  • Bank fees
  • Phone and other communication technologies:
    • Zoom meetings with advisors and Board of Directors
    • Phone bill
    • Website creation and maintenance
  • Zoom meetings with advisors and board of directors
  • Storage fees for donated furniture and essential office equipment for the new campus.
  • Raising funds to pay for:
  • grant writers
  • Attorney
Phase Two:
Once Phase One is complete, we will enter into phase two. During this phase, we will invest all monetary donations into everything in phase one except the business plan and the academic structure; these items will be completed, including the following:
  • Licensing office space
  • Office cleaning system
  • Equipment purchases
  • The hiring of personnel:
    • Administration:
      • Heads of departments
      • Office staff
    • Administrative assistants
    • Educational Instructors
    • Counselors
    • Resources personnel
    • Health personnel
    • Security personnel and security systems
    • Office and building maintenance personnel
    • I.T. Personnel
Phase Three:
After the completion of Phase Two, we will enter Phase Three. In this phase, we will invest all monetary donations into everything in phase one (except the phase one business plan and the academic structure) phase two and, including:
  • Beta testing the academic structure
  • Beta testing resource department
  • Beta testing all equipment
  • Purchasing of property to building and construction of the NHI-LA campus. :
    • Administrative offices
    • Lecture halls
    • Social areas (Instructors lounge)
    • Lab rooms
    • Library
    • Study areas
    • Athletic areas
    • Dorms
    • Student center
    • Student store
    • Auditorium
    • Food mall
    • Campus grounds and landscaping

For additional questions, please contact customerservice@teach2succeed.org or visit our contact page.