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  • Become an IP (Information Provider) for the Career and Personal Development Program:

Here's how an IP work:

A lead student, an authorized NHI employee, and a production crew of up to three fellow students, to the business and conduct a video interview with an employee of the company. During the video interview, the student asks questions about the career their interested in. By asking these particular questions, the lead student gains a greater insight into the career of their choice.

IP Requirements: Businesses must be willing to:

Allow our student to interview one or more of your employees via video recording

Allow four students to come into your business:

Three students as production crew members consisting of audio, video crew, and lighting.

One student to conduct the interview 

Allow a minimum of one authorized NHI employee to supervise the students and production equipment.

Give helpful detailed information about the student's career of choice.

To see examples of past IP businesses, such as FOX Television and Aquarium of the Pacific, click here.

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